Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project: Living Centerpieces

  • smallish plant pot
  • potting soil
  • variety of small green plants (ie lily-of-the-valley, hens 'n' chicks, etc.)
  • room to store and mind to care for 17 living centerpieces

End Result:

Project: Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

  • tissue paper (20x30" sheets)
  • cloth-covered floral wire
  • scissors
  • patience and a gentle hand

End Result:

Thanks Martha!

Getting Things Done With Martha!

K recently gave me a stack of Martha Stewart Weddings magazines. Holy Inspiration! With those magazines and the awesome encouragement of my girls K and E, I pretty much have all the details worked out. Which, 9 months from the Big Day, is an accomplishment. But I suppose the hard part has never been figuring things out. With a DIY wedding, the hard part is getting stuff done! I seriously will need to assemble a "craft crew". It really is exciting though being able to imagine how things will look, all put together and waiting beautifully in the reception hall. I'll soon be scanning pages from the magazines to share my ideas with everyone -- stay tuned!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Time Flies Whether You're Having Fun Or Not

Seriously, I don't know where the past 6 months have gone. My wedding timeframe went from 17 months to less than 12 very quickly -- I'm getting married in 11 months! Normally I would think that's tons of time but really, it does slip by unnoticed. Anyway, here's an update:

I changed my layout to the blog -- our stationery features a hummingbird so I thought it only appropriate.

Here's the new Bridesmaid Dress:

It's from the Purely Alfred Angelo line which boasts "eco-friendly" fabrics (this one is silk chiffon) in wear-again styles. I love it -- I'd like to get one for myself! Although, as always, I'm undecided on color. Unfortunately the style doesn't come in black so I have to choose between the above blue or a really nice olive-y green. I had thought about doing 2 girls in one, 2 in the other -- then I considered doing the girls in one color and the guys in the other -- but then I could always just do everybody in one color and find something else to feature the other.

Isn't it silly that the hardest part of planning the wedding decor has been color coordination?

Of course, then I think since I have 4 colors I can feature 2 on the wedding party and 2 on the tables. That gives me blue and purple on our peeps -- black and green on the tables. Majority. Not saying there won't be mix and match. Also not saying I won't change my mind again in 5 minutes...

Just found silk-screened 100% silk ties on Etsy:

by Projector
That would be kinda fun. And maybe a nice gift.

Work on my dress is underway. I'm totally in love with my silk -- it has such a beautiful sheen and texture.

Oh, and I decided that I want purple shoes. Something fun like this:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pretty Princess

Next Sunday the girls and I are going to the bridal salon. The girls will be trying on dresses to gauge sizing for the dress I've picked -- and I'll be trying on bridal gowns because it looks like fun. When my best friend, K, suggested this I was a little nervous. What if I fell in love with a dress? K promptly promised to talk me out of anything -- "No way! It makes your butt look waaaay too big!" It should be fun though. Who doesn't like a day out with the girls trying on thousand-dollar dresses?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Concept Complete!

After much deliberation and seam-ripping and re-doing, I've finally finished the mock-up for my wedding dress.  Yes it is pink and striped.  It is just a design idea.  However, two key design aspects it does not yet reflect are the fullness of the skirt (I haven't finished the petticoat yet) and the pleated overlay on the bodice.  The real dress will also have a mini-train and pearl beading detail down the center pleat on the skirt.  It's rough, I know.  The seams were quick and sloppy, the edges are unfinished; I didn't even iron it.  Tim Gunn would be appalled.  The real thing though -- it's gonna be a beauty.  I'm sure of it.

Strapless, sweetheart neckline, asymmetrical dropped waist

Three pleats down side of "low" hip

Will feature a mini-train as long as fabric will allow

Side zipper, unlike me the dressform has no junk in her trunk

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If Two's Company And Three's A Crowd, Four Must Be A Party!

In a rather lovely turn of events, I now have four beautiful bridesmaids.  I also learned that there is no way to define the term "best friend" until you spend a day out with said candidate.  If you are having breakfast together and your food gets stone cold because you're too busy talking about everything and finding you have everything in common -- that's a best friend.  If you are at a clothing boutique and pick out the cutest dress, turn to show it to your friend and find she is pointing out the same one to you -- that's a best friend.  If you go home and feel filled with so much amazing energy that even your fiance says something -- you just spent the day with your best friend.

Sappy stuff aside ;) I need to rethink my bouquet idea.  Four girls, three colors.  Do I have three girls with single colors and one with a combo and me with white?  Do I have two girls with the same single color?  Do I just mix them all?  I'm thinking I'll probably just do the latter.  Then my bouquet will be white/ivory with splashes of color.  Same with the fascinators if I go with those.  Each one will have a combo of colors.  I think I've also decided to forgo the shoe decor in favor of fascinators.  Both would be too much.

So exciting!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fascinated By Fascinators!

For financial reasons, I will be doing my own hair and makeup for the wedding.  I'm obviously allowing my girls that same option.  So I've been trying to think of an easy way to glam up an otherwise modest 'do.  My wedding dress has a subtle retro flair (think '30s or '40s) with its sweetheart neckline and dropped waist so I figured, why not continue on that "oldschool" trend?  I thought of fascinators immediately.  Fascinators are feathered, flowered and jeweled hair clips that women began to wear in leu of hats in the 18th century.  As all things trendy are cyclical, they're once again vogue.  I've read them described as "part 20s flapper, part glam" and it's a fitting description.

The possibilities are endless.  Since each of my bridesmaids will be "featuring" a different color, I'd like to make them (or give them the creative freedom to design their own) coordinating hairpieces.  I think I'll keep mine ivory.  I found a great DIY tutorial at Corvus tristis.

Making Compromises...And Coasters

So.  Some recent events and decisions in mine and C's lives have prompted a closer look at the wedding budget.  And that prompted subsequent cutbacks.  As a result, I've decided to use the reception hall's centerpieces after all.  They're a shallow, square dish with a layer of clear, glass vase gems and a small oil lamp in the middle.  Perhaps toss in a couple button mums to coordinate with the spider mum on the tables.

Or, my super-creative sister-in-law came up with the idea of incorporating old vinyl album.  We were thinking as maybe a charger plate of sorts but then I found this really neat DIY project:


Maybe a little stinky but C's bro has a torch or two so we could probably do it outside instead of in an oven.

Then I saw an awesome DIY tutorial for making your own coasters and thought they would be absolutely perfect favors (and tabletop decorations) to go along with the custom pint glasses.  The coasters look so easy to do!

On Style Me Pretty

Truly, scrapbooking paper, wall tiles, and modge podge.  So I'm going to use the scrapbook paper I featured earlier with my table decoration idea.  There's a Reuse/Recycle Center in my town that I know has tons of wall tiles (and LPs).

Chalk a few more projects up on my wall.  It'll be time for a craft day soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Pain of Waiting....

I'm so bummed.  My supply site for centerpiece stuff no longer carries the apothecary jar I want.  What do I do now? :(

Oh Shoes

A big pickle of DIY is getting that perfect idea in your head, knowing there's a slim chance of finding it unless you make it, then realizing that making it is just totally over your head.

I have in my head a vision of my perfect wedding shoes and they go a little something like this:


You may say to yourself "I see shoes like that all the time" and indeed, so do I.  The problem is that RED plaid is prevalent and I want any combination of BLUE or PURPLE or GREEN.  I could find the perfect print at a fabric store but everything I read says quite clearly "DON'T TRY TO GLUE FABRIC TO YOUR SHOES!!!"

So then, the conundrum is: Where do I bend?  Or perhaps not "where" (obviously plaid is going to be the thing to go) but "how".

I noticed yesterday that people are buying or crafting some sort of embellishment to clip onto the toe or heel of a shoe for a special occasion, which can then be used as decor on a purse or hat or memento box, etc.

Examples from

A cute idea.  One that I could have fun replicating with the right amount of sparklies and feathers.  I still want to keep an eye out for my plaid shoes though.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Best Boutonnieres

I got a really cool idea for the men's boutonnieres the other day since 3 of the 4 (including the groom) are guitar players.  After snooping around the web I found, of course, that it's been done before.  But that's okay....  I can make that.

C is a Fender man all the way (and the little "rock on" hand is so cool!) but when I was a little girl, my dad owned a music store and I remember always wanting to play with the Tortex picks he sold because I loved all the different colors.  So we'll have to see about mixing the two up.

Black Is The New Green

I have a job that sometimes allows my mind to wander for hours on end.  Here is where it wandered yesterday:

One of the reasons I chose to make my own wedding gown is because I couldn't stomach spending tons of money on a dress that, realistically, would never be worn again.  So, why should I ask my bridesmaids to spend a chunk of money on a dress that they might never wear again?  Blue and purple and green dresses would look great, but would they ever pull it out of the closet again?  Probably not.  However, every girl needs at least one (or two, or three...) little black dresses.  Plus, black looks stunning on every body.  So, I think (I haven't talked to my girls yet) I want to do matching black dresses.

I know some "traditionalists" might find black a bit daunting, so of course, we'll spice it up with the bouquets.  I want each girl to carry one color and type of flower (the flowers on the image board are just ideas -- I'll talk to my florist about what's in season), then my bouquet will combine all three.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pretty Pretty Bridesmaids

Love this dress.  Thankfully, my girls like it too.  I can't decide if I want it in plum or blue though.  Or maybe, since I have three bridesmaids, I could do one in each of our colors: peacock, plum, olive.  I hope the style is still around by the time we need to get it!

Centerpiece Take 2

In one of my first posts I declared a love of simplicity.  Getting swept up in wedding details, I kind of lost track of that.  I went back and looked at my previous "apothecary centerpiece" image board and had to laugh at myself.  Three jars on each table?  Really?  Filled with how many different things?  Is that necessary?

So I simplified my plan a bit and found a neat jar that had three stacking compartments.  It's about 12 inches high ("experts" say centerpieces should be under 14 inches or above 30...)  Each compartment will highlight an item.

The black river rocks will go in the bottom compartment, the moss and LED votive candle will go in the middle, and a purple flower (maybe a rose, maybe not) will go in the top.  Interesting, not complicated.  And, in the end, easier to manage and a lot cheaper.

On Top of the Table

In looking at a lot of reception photos on wedding websites, I noticed that most of them are white on white on white with some colorful flowers as a centerpiece.  Some of them don't even have colorful centerpieces.  To me, too much white screams sterile and yuck -- who wants to start a marriage that way?

To express my love of 'color' and 'interesting' I wanted tables that would pop; not just with a centerpiece but as a whole presentation.  The reception hall we're using offers white or ivory table linens with a few different color choices for napkins.  You can rent coordinating table runners in a solid color as well.  I wanted my tables to have something: table runner, placemat, charger plate (which are really pricey by the way!)  I thought about making my own table runners -- that way I'd get exactly what I want and I could sell/donate/regift them after the wedding.  Then I found this great photo at and immediately knew what I wanted.

I took a trip to Jo-Ann yesterday (coupon commotion, woohoo!) and thought I'd browse a bit to see if anything jumped out at me for table runners.  Of course, something did and I could feel that 50% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket.  However, knowing that I can be a bit impulsive  and getting tired of returning fabric that I've impulsively bought in the past, I put it in the cart to think about it while I kept walking.  (Another of my mom's great tactics: "Let's put it in the cart and think about it.")

I wandered over to the scrapbooking aisle because I'd seen some really neat ideas for escort cards.  The 50% off rack was staring at me with alluring eyes and as I coyly gazed back I saw it: a stack of paper that perfectly coordinated with the fabric in my cart that I was supposed to be thinking about.  The stack even featured every one of my wedding colors.  I did a little happy dance, hugged the stack and quickly rushed to the cutting counter.  Thinking done.  Mind made up.  Here's what I got:

Hey mom, feel like sewing some table runners?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It Ain't Easy Being Green...

Planning an eco-friendly wedding with minimal impact is really REALLY hard!  And a lot of times it means spending an extra buck (or hundreds...).  It's so incredibly easy to get swept up in everything that surrounds wedding planning and you suddenly realize that you're drowning in clutter and can't clearly see that goals you were striving to meet anymore.  But if I remember correctly, holding true to our tree-hugger values was one of them.

Obviously, C and I don't have the means to have the ultimate green wedding.  There will be energy expended, there will be carbon emitted, and there will be non-local products purchased.  It can't be helped and I'm becoming okay with that.  As I said, earth-friendly isn't cheap and, just as there's no such thing as "free energy", I don't believe that "energy free" really exists either.  You can't create something from nothing but here are a few things we're doing to make our nuptials easier on Mother:

My dress.  Handmade by me.  Automatically eco-chic, right?  Well, not always.  Just because the gown wasn't made in a far-away factory doesn't mean the fabric used to make the gown wasn't.  However, I know that polyester-based fabrics produce tons of waste and use lots of energy to make so I'm sticking with (as much as I can) 100% silk.  Many don't know that silk is a natural fiber woven from the cocoons of little silkworms.

The ceremony and reception.  We're on the brink of deciding to just have the two at the same place.  A truly difficult decision for us because we really want an outdoor ceremony.  However, our reception hall has tons of skylights and windows and a cute little terrace so it'll have to do.  By having the ceremony at our reception hall, we're reducing the need for our guests to travel to different venues.  We're also eliminating the "drag time" between the two events.

The reception hall.  C and I have a lot of out-of-town guests that are invited.  We're also having an open bar.  These two factors automatically decided that we choose a hotel ballroom as our venue so guests will have the option of not needing to drive at the end of the night.

The flowers.  Since the wedding is in June it shouldn't be a problem to find a local greenhouse to supply our blooms.  One with organic practices is preferable of course, but not practical if it's prohibitively expensive.  I love flowers but I'm okay with limiting them to bouquets and boutonnieres.

The centerpieces.  I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul on this one.  The truly eco-friendly thing to do in this case is to just use the centerpieces that the hotel provides (which are totally boring by the way).  However, I'm justifying my stimulation of the economy by creating centerpieces that can be reused, say, as the following year's Christmas gifts.  Apothecary jars are cool and multi-functional -- not like that enormous martini glass from so-and-so's wedding that's been sitting under my sink for five years.......

The food.  We don't have much control over the food because we have to use the hotel's caterer but I am working with them on exploring some organic and locally-produced options.

The cake and cupcakes.  I am lucky enough to have a friend who went to school to be a pastry chef.  If I'm lucky enough to talk her into making my desserts, I can guarantee that they'll be made with organic ingredients and no preservatives.

The rings.  Hand crafted by a local jeweler.

I guess it's kind of like a marriage -- sometimes you have to make compromises to find a solution that best suits everyone.  Imagine that....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

DIY Decorative Balls

Decorative balls are in home stores everywhere, but why pay $5-10 each when you can just as easily make them?  Here are some great ideas I've found:

From HGTV:

From "We Can Make That"
Stuff Needed:
styrofoam balls in different sizes
preserved eucalyptus leaves
decorative pins
rope or twine
low-temperature hot glue and glue gun

Eucalyptus Leaf Ball
1. Begin at the top and place the first eucalyptus leaf as desired.  Secure it with a pin or glue.
2. Continue until the entire ball is covered.

Moss Ball
1. Glue or pin moss over entire surface of the ball.
Rope Ball
1. Glue the rope or twine to itself in a small circle for a starting point.  Tack this end onto the ball with a decorative pin.
2. Continue gluing the rope in circles and covering the ball completely.

From Kreative Knack:

From "We Can Make That"

Stuff Needed:
Colored Ball Ornaments or
Painted Styrofoam Balls
Glass Vase Gems
Hot Glue and Gun

1. Glue gems on ornaments or styrofoam balls to cover entire surface.

You can really do this with just about any medium.  Use little silk flowers to make a tiny pomander.  Use dried lavender or chamomile to make a potpourri sphere.  I've also seen neat ones with pieces of cut twigs glued vertically to make a sort of "porcupine".  Tons of fun.  Limitless possibilities.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Old School New Trends

I love tying in the old with the new and I especially love the look of apothecary jars!  This is a fun idea because it has a whimsical, foresty feel.  These items are also neat because they get away from the traditional foofy flower arrangements and tie in some different natural pieces: pinecones, berries, fruit and bean pods, etc.  I don't know about incorporating any candles (maybe LED).  I'm thinking another eyecatching touch might be to bunch some moss around the bases of the jars.  Or tie a wide black ribbon around the lid of the tall jar.

From "We Can Make That"

Might not use everything pictured but it's a good plan so far :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Forget Safety, Let's Get Dangerous!

When I first started designing my dress it was lace and ruffles and very country.  It was in my safety zone for seamstressing skills.  But as they've said on Project Runway (my guilty pleasure), you can't always be safe if you want to be wow.

I bought the fabric and ended up having something completely different in mind.  The strapless bodice was in a pinched taffeta and the skirt was a-line and dupioni.  To jazz up the bodice my mom and I planned to incorporate some of my late Gramma's pearls.  But again, the design was safe and the silhouette was really boring.

So I went online and started looking at designer dresses.  I knew the basic necklines and knew I wanted strapless or sweetheart.  I also knew all the basic skirt styles and wanted a-line: not slinky enough to be nightgownish but not poofy enough to be obnoxious.  However, I discovered a new element...  The Dropped Waist.  If there was ever a more beautiful way to flatter an hourglass figure, I've not seen it.  Here is my inspiration:

From "We Can Make That"
Sottero & Midgley

My jaw dropped when I saw this dress and I almost considered scraping my sewing project, recouping my losses as best I could, and scraping pennies to go out and buy it.  Then I recovered my sanity.  I don't know how much this dress is.  Honestly I don't really care.  I know I can do that and I'm giddy to try.

I want to incorporate the fabric I've already purchased (the taffeta was special order so I can't return it) so I checked out a few more bodice ideas:

From "We Can Make That"
Sottero & Midgley

From "We Can Make That"
Demetrios: Sposabella

I want to use the taffeta as the main bodice but then wrap it with the dupioni (I would also still use that for the skirt).  I don't want to add any lace or sparkles, we'll stick with my Gramma's pearls.  I was thinking that I may do a taffeta panel on the "low hip" of the skirt too since I ordered waaaay too much.

So I'm ready to go!  I've got six yards of muslin just waiting to become a mock-up....

A Wedding Is All About Marriage

A marriage of ideas, opinions and color schemes.  I suppose changing your mind a million times is the pitfall of a 15 month engagement...

I had been thinking a lot about our brown/green/yellow scheme and the style of my blush/champagne dress.  Through whatever process of deduction, I decided that yellow just had no place.  Don't get me wrong, I love those colors but my idea of my dress is slowly becoming more elegant than informal and I'm feeling the need for something a little more sophisticated.  The other day my mom joked that I should add some blue for the "bluebird of happiness."  It's not a bad idea.  Brown/green/blue go nicely together.

Then C comes up with the idea that we should go to the hardware store and get designer palette paint schemes to see what colors the pros put together.  Smart thinking.  So we do, and we found something that jumped out at us.  Granted, there were eight colors in the scheme but we settled with four.

True Black (C would like black over brown)/Peacock Blue/Plum/Olive Green

The palette is actually quiet rich and vibrant, very bold and saturated.  It's a fun yet sophisticated scheme.  We could pull it off in either a garden or a posh wine bar.  And it's unique in that I've never seen it pulled off without the use of peacock feathers (we will not be using peacock feathers).

The colors also work well with my dress color and style.  I'm inspired (after seeing pictures in one of my mom's magazines) to make a contrasting petticoat, most likely in the same color as my bridesmaids dresses.

We'll see how long this one lasts.... ;)

EDIT: I removed the image of our palette because the colors were just mutilated and weren't even close to being accurately represented.  Use your imaginations.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I just learned that according to English lore, it's rather bad luck for a bride to make her own wedding dress.  Hmm.....

Designing Stationery says, "Don't confuse designing your own wedding stationery with a DIY project. It's all about working with a professional stationer to master the perfect look."  I say, "HA!"  Any person with a decent sense of creativity and a basic understanding of, say, Photoshop can DIY the heck out of their stationery.  Wedding invitations don't have to be multi-layered with ribbons and vellum and six different envelopes (I'm not saying they can't be -- just they don't have to be).

I'm especially fond of "poster" style invitations.

More Fun Guestbook Ideas

Here's a few more "outside the norm" ideas for a guestbook that I've found.

A signable poster seems like it could be just the thing for our "musically inspired" reception.  Put a wide mat on it for guests to sign and we'll have an instant wall-art memento to hang in our home.

An instant photo guestbook is also a neat idea.  Fuji, apparently, has had an instant print (think Polaroid) camera around for quite some time and this album is designed to fit the prints perfectly.  It's cool, but a little pricey when you consider you need to buy the camera (only $65 at this site but...), lots of film (a single cartridge only holds 10 exposures), and a few albums (1 album holds 30 pictures).

All very cool ideas that will make guests feel more involved.  Now it's just to decide which one (including the previous "wish tree") will fit our style best...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Presents For The People

I've always hated wedding favors.  Not that it isn't a nice gesture, but I've always thought that a fancy dinner and open bar is thank-you enough.  I can't bare the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on favors that most guests will probably throw away at night's end.  Candies are cool but boooooring!  Not to mention you're already feeding them cake!  However, everyone I've talked to seems appalled that I want to do away with favors ("But they're a tradition!  People will think you're cheap!").  So I've come up with a few things that I wouldn't mind dropping a penny on, and I think that guests may actually keep them.

1) Custom-printed pint glasses.  It's fun, it's different, and surprisingly, it's cheap.  Plus, people can use them at the reception.

2) I found this idea in a Real Simple Weddings book that my mom bought me: custom button pins.  Who doesn't love "pieces of flair"?

3) Not so much a favor, but I've seen these really cool wedding-themed cootie catchers that people will put on the tables for guests to play with. sells them for around $1 a piece.... I can totally make them.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Dress

I knew from day one that it would be a cold day in hell before I spent $1,000-$1,200 on a dress that I would only ever wear once.  (BTW, that's what's considered an affordable gown.)  I heavily considered buying a pre-owned dress or even going informal and just finding something pretty.  However, for some reason I love giving myself things to do.

Over the years I've become a fairly decent seamstress.  Several "special occasion" gowns, self-designed Halloween costumes and some fun, funky outfits have, through trial and error, taught me a thing or two about crafting an ensemble.

So, I'm designing and sewing my own wedding dress.  It took a lot of time deciding on a style I liked.  C hates anything that looks "corsety" so I had to be careful in designing the bodice.  I think I've come up with something good though.  Either way, it's guaranteed to be absolutely original and one-of-a-kind!

After a few trips to Jo-Ann Fabrics I've acquired all the necessary materials for $100.  Yep, that's right.  $100.  Love coupons.  Love sales.  Love Jo-Ann.

The Coolest Guestbook Alternative Ever

I think ours will have leaf shaped wish cards and be wrapped in some sort of ivy garland versus crystals.

Brown, Green & Yellow

Originally the idea was just for brown and green, but since C isn't too into green flowers and I love color pops, we added yellow into the mix.  It works, it's my fave color anyway. :)

Do What You Love

Having a creative mind is a bit of a curse because I love everything!  I could plan twenty different weddings and have no regrets for any of them (there was a time I thought about becoming a wedding consultant).  However, I've found that when it comes to planning your (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime special day you really have to dig deep and think about who you are and what you love most.

When my fiance, C, and I started planning all we talked about was throwing convention to the wind.  We DID NOT want your typical run-of-the-mill "cookie cutter" wedding!  But the more we talked and the more we planned, we realized that all weddings fit some shape or another; it's just in how you decorate it that makes it absolutely unique.  It's all about the details and personal touches and how your guests will see you and your grand ideas and think "Wow, this is so them!"

So this started me on a personal journey to discover what kind of person I am, what kind of couple C and I are, and what I love the most.  Here's the top five:

I'd have to say that first and foremost C and I love music.  He's played a number of musical roles in several bands and works as a recording engineer.  I was raised in a musically inclined family by a piano teacher mom and floated in and out of school choirs.  This deep interest has already surfaced in a few different areas of planning.

Another thing we both love is simplicity.  No drama.  No fru-fru.  No bending over backwards to give guests an impression of something we're not.

We love the planet.  I admit it -- we're kind of eco-nuts.  We used compostable plates made out of palm leaves for our "fine Thanksgiving china". We recycle like crazy and buy local as often as we can.

Personally, I love color.  Keep your dark and smokies, leave your pastels at home.  I want bright and bold and beautiful and I want it to pop up in unexpected places.

Fun!  C and I love fun.  Our goal (as I'm sure is everyone else's) is to make this special day as fun and memorable as possible.  Sadly, I've been to some really booooring weddings and no one wants the day they've worked so hard to plan being remembered like that!

So there is our direction in planning.  We hope to meet all these things, perhaps not in every aspect but certainly in some.  It makes wedding planning so much easier when you have clear-cut goals and ideas that you can then build upon.

From "We Can Make That"

Friday, February 5, 2010


I grew up with 2 brothers and 2 budget-wise self-employed parents.  My mother's motto throughout my childhood was "We can make that!"  Being young, those words frustrated the hell out of me.  However, thanks to Mom, I grew up a very resourceful, artistic, creative person.

Now, my fiance and I (both of us self-employed) are embarking on the adventure of planning a wedding.  I'm blogging because 1) it'll help keep me organized and 2) maybe another bride-to-be will find inspiration in it.  We've been engaged for about 6 weeks now and have already logged countless hours scouring the internet for tips, tricks and ideas -- some found in blogs. 

So read on treasure hunters!  Perhaps you will find your own gem of wisdom hiding within my wedding rambles. :)