Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project: Living Centerpieces

  • smallish plant pot
  • potting soil
  • variety of small green plants (ie lily-of-the-valley, hens 'n' chicks, etc.)
  • room to store and mind to care for 17 living centerpieces

End Result:

Project: Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

  • tissue paper (20x30" sheets)
  • cloth-covered floral wire
  • scissors
  • patience and a gentle hand

End Result:

Thanks Martha!

Getting Things Done With Martha!

K recently gave me a stack of Martha Stewart Weddings magazines. Holy Inspiration! With those magazines and the awesome encouragement of my girls K and E, I pretty much have all the details worked out. Which, 9 months from the Big Day, is an accomplishment. But I suppose the hard part has never been figuring things out. With a DIY wedding, the hard part is getting stuff done! I seriously will need to assemble a "craft crew". It really is exciting though being able to imagine how things will look, all put together and waiting beautifully in the reception hall. I'll soon be scanning pages from the magazines to share my ideas with everyone -- stay tuned!