Friday, July 9, 2010

Time Flies Whether You're Having Fun Or Not

Seriously, I don't know where the past 6 months have gone. My wedding timeframe went from 17 months to less than 12 very quickly -- I'm getting married in 11 months! Normally I would think that's tons of time but really, it does slip by unnoticed. Anyway, here's an update:

I changed my layout to the blog -- our stationery features a hummingbird so I thought it only appropriate.

Here's the new Bridesmaid Dress:

It's from the Purely Alfred Angelo line which boasts "eco-friendly" fabrics (this one is silk chiffon) in wear-again styles. I love it -- I'd like to get one for myself! Although, as always, I'm undecided on color. Unfortunately the style doesn't come in black so I have to choose between the above blue or a really nice olive-y green. I had thought about doing 2 girls in one, 2 in the other -- then I considered doing the girls in one color and the guys in the other -- but then I could always just do everybody in one color and find something else to feature the other.

Isn't it silly that the hardest part of planning the wedding decor has been color coordination?

Of course, then I think since I have 4 colors I can feature 2 on the wedding party and 2 on the tables. That gives me blue and purple on our peeps -- black and green on the tables. Majority. Not saying there won't be mix and match. Also not saying I won't change my mind again in 5 minutes...

Just found silk-screened 100% silk ties on Etsy:

by Projector
That would be kinda fun. And maybe a nice gift.

Work on my dress is underway. I'm totally in love with my silk -- it has such a beautiful sheen and texture.

Oh, and I decided that I want purple shoes. Something fun like this: