Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If Two's Company And Three's A Crowd, Four Must Be A Party!

In a rather lovely turn of events, I now have four beautiful bridesmaids.  I also learned that there is no way to define the term "best friend" until you spend a day out with said candidate.  If you are having breakfast together and your food gets stone cold because you're too busy talking about everything and finding you have everything in common -- that's a best friend.  If you are at a clothing boutique and pick out the cutest dress, turn to show it to your friend and find she is pointing out the same one to you -- that's a best friend.  If you go home and feel filled with so much amazing energy that even your fiance says something -- you just spent the day with your best friend.

Sappy stuff aside ;) I need to rethink my bouquet idea.  Four girls, three colors.  Do I have three girls with single colors and one with a combo and me with white?  Do I have two girls with the same single color?  Do I just mix them all?  I'm thinking I'll probably just do the latter.  Then my bouquet will be white/ivory with splashes of color.  Same with the fascinators if I go with those.  Each one will have a combo of colors.  I think I've also decided to forgo the shoe decor in favor of fascinators.  Both would be too much.

So exciting!

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